Friday, July 24, 2009

Time for action

Due to the recent actions of our so called president, I feel it is time that the Conservatives of this country quit crying about the injustices that are happening in our government system and start using the proceedures put in place to stop them. We have a president who has no intentions of upholding the Constitution of the United States and running this country the way our forefathers intended. This is evident in the many new bills that have been presented during his tenure so far as well as his appointment to the Supreme Court. We are living under the presidency of a socialist, Marxist man whose very citizenship in this great country is even in question. It is time for the honest, hardworking, true citizens of the United States to stand up and declare that we will not put up with his garbage anymore. When the polls open for any election, speak with your votes. When companies choose to support harmful agendas, bills, etc, that the president and his cronnies try to stuff down our throats, quit patronizing them. Wal-Mart has declared that they support Obamacare and wants to see your health nationalized so the government can determine if you deserve that transplant or operation. They are using you the consumer and your well being to get ahead of their competition. The only reason they support such legislation is to cut the throat of their competitors such as Target and K-Mart.

Finally, I propose that we use the procedure known as Impeachment and put this knucklehead out of office. I know it could unsettle things for a while but what do you think Obamaunism is doing? Stand for your rights and freedoms people! Instead of the mighty Nation we are, we may soon be an afterthought. God bless and continue praying for our country!